General Information

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Persons in charge

In case of non-consent, no personal and contact details will be published on the Copernicus website.

Your organisation

Please note: If you are applying as a consortium, the question below are only referring to the main applicant/organization.


How are you intending to develop education/outreach/network activities during your first year of your membership (e.g. include Copernicus-related material and modules in existing courses, strengthen the synergies and cooperation between members by sharing knowledge, build a knowledge culture and a strategic think-thank, support innovative products/applications to get to the market…)? How would you contribute to the increase of Copernicus awareness at the national, regional and local level?
If yes, please explain what is currently done and has been done in the past with respect to knowledge transfer.
Applicants that are not located in a Copernicus participating country must submit a Letter of Recommendation from a national authority (national space or defence agency, EU cooperation office, etc).